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Choosing The Right Underwear

How to choose the right underwear for your body? Are you searching for the perfect underwear with the combination of comfort and durability? Do you need an ideal that fits your rugged everyday routine? If you do, here are some tips for finding a perfect combination of style and comfort. There are several varieties of [...]

How Underwear For Men Has Evolved Over Time

Underwear for men has evolved considerably since the loincloth was originally worn some 7,000 years ago. Today, modern men enjoy a wide range of styles, colours and patterns of underwear, made with fabrics designed for maximum comfort and support. Cotton became a popular fabric for underwear in the 18th century for it durability and comfort [...]

C-IN2 Underwear Style Guide

What does the Lo No Show profile brief (or known as the LNS Profile brief) means compared to the Profile brief? C-IN2 illustrates this in the simplest manner. The LNS profile brief sits low at the waist and create a cup that support the pouch nicely. While the side cuts higher at the thigh which [...]

Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian is not just about underwear, he has been producing contemporary collections of urban inspired menswear, swimwear, edgy tees, and accessories since its inception in 1997. However, it was Andrew’s innovative underwear designs that established the company as a force in the fashion world. Andrew’s designs can now be found in exclusive boutiques such [...]